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The 12th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop will be held at KIAS on June 3rd-4th, 2016.
(Main Organizer: Sang June Lee(Duksung Women's University, email: sjlee242 (at)

  • Date: June 3rd - 4th (Fri-Sat), 2016
  • Venue:  Room 1503, KIAS
  • Invited Speakers  
                Andreas Holmsen (KAIST)
                Woong Kook (Seoul National University)
                Young Soo Kwon (Yeungnam University)
                Suil O (Simon Fraser University,
                Se-jin Oh (Ewha Womans University)
                Heesung Shin (Inha University)

  • Registration: If you want to participate, please register at Registration Page until May 23rd.
  • Support      
    •    (1) Meal: We provide all meals during the workshop to all participants. 
    •    (2) Accommodation  
    We support accommodations for June 3rd to speakers and students.
    For speakers, we support rooms near KIAS (usually, KIASTEL). 
    - For students, the lodging expenses will be reimbursed up to KRW 44,000.
      For more information on accommodation facilities, see 
    Accommodation Page
      We recommend Hotel KP near Hoegi station with rate KRW 88,000 for two   persons.

    - 숙박에 대하여 지원이 필요하신 학생분들은 키아스 외부의 숙박시설을 이용하신 후, 숙박영수증, 통장사본, 
    학회참가동의서 (학생의 경우 동의서)를 제출하시면 숙박비를 최대 1인당 4만4천원으로 실비 정산하여 지급하여 드립니다.
    (구비서류 제출은 workshop 당일 직접 제출하시거나 또는 이메일(이수연,로  제출가능합니다.) 
    - 만일 2명이 함께 방을 이용하는 경우는 최대 8만8천원까지 실비로 지원하여 드립니다. 
     Hotel KP (Benikea, 회기역 부근)를 추천하며 2인1실을 고등과학원 제휴가로 이용할 경우 8만8천원입니다.

  • <Schedule>    (Click HERE for abstracts)
    [1st Day: Jun 3]
      13:40 ~ 14:15   Registration
      14:15 ~ 14:20   Opening address    
  •   14:20 ~ 15:00   <Talk 1>  Woong Kook                            
                                   Combinatorial Interpretations for harmonic classes
      15:10 ~ 15:50   <Talk 2> 
    Heesung Shin
                                   Enumerations of vertices among all rooted ordered trees with levels and degrees
      16:00 ~ 17:00   Coffee Break & Discussion
      17:00 ~ 17:40   <Talk 3> 
    Andreas Holmsen
                                   The intersection of a matroid and an oriented matroid
      18:00 ~             Banquet

  • [2nd Day: Jun 4]
        9:20 ~ 10:00   <Talk 4> 
    Young Soo Kwon
                                   Skew morphisms and regular Cayley maps
      10:00 ~ 10:30   Coffee Break
      10:30 ~ 11:10   <Talk 5> 
    Suil O

                                   Interlacing families and the Hermitian spectral norm of digraphs
      11:20 ~ 12:00   <Talk 6> 
    Se-Jin Oh
  •                               Commutation classes and Catalan triangle
      12:00 ~             Lunch