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[Location of KIAS]
Please go to the webpage for detail information.

[Visitors' Information]

For visitors, please see the webpage for more information. 


[KIAS accommodation facilities: KIAS apartment, Kiastel, Residence Hall (Pajung-sa or Haejung-sa)]
Please click HERE for more information. It takes within 10 minutes from KIAS (by foot).
(In general, only KIAS members can make a reservation and so participants cannot make a reservation by themselves.Please see * in the below.)
**Average price per night for one unit: KRW 40,000 (It differs depending on the size of a room)
**The payment should be done by bank transfer.

[Holiday Inn Seongbuk]

Please click HERE for more information. It takes 30 mininutes from KIAS (by foot).
**Average price per night for a deluxe double room: KRW 180,000

[Hwigyeong-Dong Co-Op Residence]
Please click HERE for more information. It takes 20 mininutes from KIAS (by foot).
**Average price per night for a single bed room: KRW 70,000

[Benikea Hotel KP]
click HERE for more information. It takes 20 mininutes from KIAS (by foot).
**Average price per night for a double bed room: KRW 80,000

*It is competitive to reserve rooms at one of KIAS accommodation facilities. For the workshop, organizers always try to make room reservations at KIAS accommodation facilities for students/speakers/participants in advance. There will be a notice at the webpage if there are available rooms at KIAS accommodation facilities for the workshop. 

**The average price is not exact, the price depends on when you make a reservation and when you will stay.

***If you are a foriegn participant and need a help for a room reservation, please send an email to one of organizers.