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CMC conference:

Optimal transport and related topics

Date: July 31 - August 4, 2017     Place: Rm. 1503, KIAS

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Invited Speakers:
Myoungjean Bae (POSTECH)
Jaeyoung Byeon (KAIST)
Sun-Sig Byun (Seoul National University)
Hi Jun Choe (Yonsei University)
Marco Cuturi (ENSAE / CREST)
Mikhail Feldman (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
Wilfrid Gangbo (UCLA)
Yuxin Ge (Toulouse)
Nassif Ghoussoub (UBC)
Hyung Ju Hwang (POSTECH)
Wanmo Kang (KAIST)
Hwa Kil Kim (KIAS)
Inwon Kim (UCLA)
Seick Kim (Yonsei University)
Jun Kitagawa (Michigan State University)
Soonsik Kwon (KAIST)
Robert McCann (University of Toronto)
Shin-Ichi Ohta (Osaka University)
Brendan Pass (University of Alberta)

Young-Heon Kim (University of British Columbia / KIAS)

Registration: http://home.kias.re.kr/MKG/h/Optimaltransport/?pageNo=2430
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                         Registration is free, but, is mandatary.)