2014 Seoul - Tokyo Conference

Applied Partial Differential Equations: Theory and Applications

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Date: 2014.12.13(SAT) - 12.14 (SUN)
Place: KIAS, Seoul, Korea

Invited Speakers
Dongho Chae (Chung-Ang University)
- On the unique continuation and the Liouville type theorems in the fluid mechanics
Kenichi Fujishiro (University of Tokyo)
- Determination of source term in fractional diffusion equations
Seung-Yeal Ha (Seoul National University)
- Stability and instability of incoherent solution to the kinetic Kuramoto equation
Eunok Jung (Konkuk Univerisity)
- Optimal intervention strategies for prevention of Ebola epidemic
Hyeonbae Kang (Inha University)
- Spectral Theory of the Neumann Poincare operator and analysis of plasmonic resonance
Junseok Kim (Korea University)
- A modified Cahn-Hilliard equation and its hybrid numerical method for the tissue growth simulation
Yangjin Kim (Konkuk University)
- Mathematical modeling of tumor growth: an application to breast cancer and glioblastoma
Yunho Kim (UNIST)
- A new class of forward-backward-forward diffusion equations of Perona-Malik type in image enhancement
Chang-Ock Lee (KAIST)
- Accurate surface reconstuction in 3D using two-dimensional parallel cross sections
Eunjung Lee (Yonsei University)
- Depth formula in anomaly detection using EIT-independent on anomaly size and admittivity contrast
Yikan Liu (University of Tokyo)
- Hyperbolic-type equations and the related inverse source problems
Zhiyuan Li (University of Tokyo)
- Uniqueness for inverse problems of determining orders of multi-tern time-fractional derivatives of diffustion equations
Hiroshi Matano (University of Tokyo)
- Front propagation in a prey-predator type reaction-diffustion system
Yoshifumi Mimura (Tohoku University)
- The critical mass for a degenerate Keller-Segel system from a variational viewpoint
Atsushi Nakayasu (University of Tokyo)
- On general existence results for one-dimensional singular diffusion equations with spatially inhomogeneous driving force
Shu Nakamura (University of Tokyo)
- Properties of scattering matrices for Schrodinger-type equations
Yohei Tsutsui (University of Tokyo)
- An Application of weighted hardy spaces to the Neiver-Stokes equations
Masaaki Uesaka (University of Tokyo)
- Homogenization in a thin layer with an oscillating interface and highly contrast coefficients

Choi, Youn-Seo (KIAS)
Seo, Jin Keun (Yonsei University)
Masahiro Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)

Noh, Hyobin