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Date: February 22- 26, 2016
Place: 5th Floor, 1503, KIAS

Tropical geometry is a recent area of mathematics that can be seen as a limiting aspect (or "degeneration") of algebraic geometry. For example complex curves viewed as Riemann surfaces turn to metric graphs (one dimensional combinatorial object), and n-dimensional complex varieties turn to n-dimensional polyhedral complexes with some
properties. The purpose of this conference will be to present aspects of tropical and non-Archimedean geometry, and mirror symmetry with an emphasis on some connections between these three topics. More precisely, it will consist of four self-contained mini-courses accessible to non-experts, including graduate students (some background in algebraic geometry will be assumed). The conference will be supplemented by seminar talks. The topics of the courses will be on tropical geometry, Berkovich spaces, enumerative geometry in its classical and tropical aspect, and mirror symmetry (each course is an introduction to its corresponding topic). Courses and talks will be given by the world-renowned experts in the area.

Lecture series given by:

 Mohammed Abouzaid (Columbia University)
 Erwan Brugalle (Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseaux, Paris)
 Ilia Itenberg (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6)
 Mattias Jonsson (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Seminar talks given by:

 Cheol Hyun Cho (SNU, Seoul)
 Grisha Mikhalkin (Universite de Geneve, Switzerland)
 Yong-Geun Oh (IBS & POSTECH)
 Kazushi Ueda (University of Tokyo)


 Bumsig Kim (KIAS, Seoul)
 Young Rock Kim (HUFS, Seoul)
 Mounir Nisse (KIAS, Seoul)


 Mounir Nisse (nisse at kias dot re dot kr)
 Sunha Park (sunha at kias dot re dot kr)

Preschool on Toric Geometry related to Mirror Symmetry for Korean Participants
* If you're interested in participating in the preschool above, please check the preschool website.