Workshop on Geometric Structures,
Hitchin Components and Representation Varieties
Date: Oct. 20 ~ Oct. 24/ Place: Rm. 1114, KIAS, Seoul, Korea
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The aim of this workshop is to promote research interaction between mathematicians who are interested in the deformation theory of geometric structures on manifolds and representation varieties. Talks will focus on Hitchin representations, projective structures and representation varieties of surface groups. We hope to have fruitful discussions among the speakers and participants.


Invited Speakers

Sasha Anan’in (Universidade de São Paulo)
Shinpei Baba (Heidelberg University)
Brian Patrick Collier (University of Illinois)
Carlos H. Grossi (Universidade de São Paulo) 
Yoshinobu Kamishima (Josai University)*        
Sean Lawton (George Mason University)*
Bernhard Leeb (University of München)*
Arielle Leitner (Technion)
Chris Manon (George Mason University)                  

Xin Nie (KIAS)
Ying Zhang (Soochow University)

* Expository lecturer



Suhyoung Choi (KAIST)

Sungwoon Kim (Jeju National University)




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