Symposium on Ergodic theory

- In honor of Professor Kyewon Koh Park's 65th birthday -

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Symposium on Ergodic theory
- In honor of Professor Kyewon Koh Park's 65th birthday
Time: Wednesday, August 17, 2016. 14:00~18:00  
Place: Room 8101, KIAS

Invited Speakers:
김동한 (동국대)
정의진 (아주대)
이정엽 (관동대)
손영환 (포스텍)

1:30-2:00 참가등록 및 다과
2:00-3:00 김동한 Diophantine approximation on translation surfaces
3:00-4:00 정의진 Expansive topological dynamical systems with uncountably many topologically transitive components
4:00-5:00 이정엽 Hexagonal aperiodic mono-tile tiling
5:00-6:00 손영환 Substitution dynamical systems
6:00-        만찬

박진성 (KIAS)

박선하 (