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Introduction :

In recent years there has been a significant progress in our understanding of nonequilibrium thermodynamics in the context of quantum information which has led to new fundamental perspectives and concepts such as thermalization, decoherence, and information thermodynamics. The workshop is intended to address these exciting developments in a focused 4-days meeting.

Invited Lecturers
Doron Cohen (Ben-Gurion)
Jaewan Kim (KIAS)
Takahiro Sagawa (Tokyo)

Invited Speakers
Doron Cohen (Ben-Gurion)
Haye Hinrichsen (Wuerzburg)
Sang Wook Kim (PNU)
Yoon-Ho Kim (POSTECH)
Chulan Kwon (Myongji)
Seung-Woo Lee (KIAS)
Takashi Mori (Tokyo)
Hyuk Kyu Pak (UNIST)
Martin Luc Rosinberg (CNRS&UPMC)
Takahiro Sagawa (Tokyo)
Wonmin Son (Sogang)
Juyeon Yi (PNU)

Hyunggyu Park (KIAS) -chair
Haye Hinrichsen (Wuerzburg)
Jaegon Um (KIAS)

Hye Mi Kim (hmkim@kias.re.kr)
Deure Park (pdr3385@kias.re.kr)