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Within the last decade or so, the interaction of algebraic, combinatorial, geometric and topological methods is becoming strong and significant. Notably, development of cluster algebras has been very active. In particular, cluster algebras provide a unifying algebraic/ combinatorial framework for a wide variety of phenomena in diverse settings ranging from tropical calculus to number theory and from topological recursion to invariant theory. The proposed program will focus on links between cluster algebras and other areas, such as: Total positivity, Quiver representations, String theory, Statistical physics, Noncommutative geometry, Teichmuller theory, Hyperbolic geometry, Tropical geometry, KP solitons, Integrable systems, Quantum mechanics, Lie theory, Algebraic combinatorics and Poisson geometry.


1. Conference on cluster algebras and representation theory (Nov. 4~7) 

2. Conference on cluster algebras in combinatorics and topology (Dec. 13~17

3. Conference on strings, quivers and cluster algebras in mathematical physics (Dec. 18~22)

Scientific Committee
Sergey Fomin (University of Michigan) 
Masaki Kashiwara (Kyoto University
, RIMS and Seoul National University)
Piljin Yi (KIAS)

Organizing Committee
Kyungyong Lee (Wayne State University and KIAS CMC)
Li Li (Oakland University)
Ralf Schiffler (University of  Connecticut)