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The 16th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop will be held in KIAS on June 02-03, 2017
(Main Organizers: Sung-Tae Jin, Sang June Lee)

  • Date: June 02-03 (Fri-Sat), 2017
  • Venue: KIAS 1114  (International Conference Room), Seoul
  • Invited Speakers
                        Jihoon Choi (Seoul National Univ.)
                        Henry Liu (Central South University, China)
                        Sunyoung Nam (KIAS)
                        Sang-il Oum (KAIST)
                        Jongyook Park (KIAS)
                        Ae Ja Yee (Pennsylvania State University, USA) 
  • Registration: If you want to participate in the workshop, please register at the registration page until May 15.
  • Support:  
  •    (1) Meal: We provide all meals during the workshop to all participants. 
  •    (2) Accommodation  
           -This year, we are not able to support accommodations for participants except speakers. However, we can make a reservation for you at one of KIAS accommodation facilities (residential hall, Haejung-sa). If you want to stay at a domitory at KIAS, then please check “YES” in the registration form. But rooms are available on the basis of first come, first served. The payment should be done by bank transfer and the account number will be given later (KRW 50,000 for a room with a queen size bed (10평=33.1㎡) and KRW 30,000 for a room with a single size bed (5평=16.5㎡)).
           -In the case when you ask a room reservation before May 15, we will give you a notice via email before May 17 whether a room at KIAS for you is available or not.
           -We also recommend Hotel KP near Hoegi station with rate KRW 88,000 for two persons. 
           -For more information on accommodation facilities, please see Accommodation Page