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* All speakers will be accommodated in BENIKEA Hotel KP,
*  If one wants to reserve accommodation at BENIKEA Hotel KP,
   please call +82-2-963-9100 or Email ( them
* One needs to inform that one is reserving the room for the Conference at KIAS.
* Price per one night at BENIKEA Hotel KP: 88,000won.
Expense can be paid with cash or card.  


* It takes about 15 minutes from BENIKEA Hotel KP to KIAS on foot.

There are several ways to get to BENIKEA HOTEL KP from Incheon International Airport. You may either take the airport limousine, the airport train (AREX), or/and a taxi. Choose the most convenient way by referring to the following.

► Limousine Bus

→The Route of BUS 6002

• You may purchase Limousine or Premium Bus tickets at the Transportation Information Counters located indoors (Exit 4 and 9) or outdoors (Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 13) on the passenger terminal arrival floor.
• No. 6002
The most convenient limousine bus to BENIKEA Hotel KP is No. 6002, bound for Cheongnyangni. The bus stops at the airport are "5B" and "12A". The fare is 10,000 Korean Won, and the bus departs every 12 to 15 minutes. The first bus departs from the airport at 05:30 and the last bus departs at 23:00. You can get off at 'Cheongnyangni Station' bus stop, which will take about an hour and half. Take a taxi to reach BENIKEA Hotel KP.

* From Cheongnyangni Station, it will cost you less than 4,000 Korean Won. Show Taxi Driver the map of BENIKEA Hotel KP that is shown on this page, so that the driver can understand where you are going. For more information, please visit the Incheon International Airport Website.

► Airport Train

• Airport Trains are available from the airport to Seoul Station, which is the last stop. If you take the commuter train, it will take 53 minutes to Seoul Station and cost you 3,850 Korean won. If you take the express train, it will take 43 minutes to go directly from the airport to Seoul Station and cost you 8,000 Korean won. To reach BENIKEA Hotel KP from Seoul station, you can either take Subway Line No. 1 to Hoegi station or a taxi directly to the hotel (taxi takes about 40 minutes with fare 12,000Won). For more information, please visit the Incheon International Airport Website.

► Taxi

• If you have heavy luggage, we suggest that you take a taxi. There are two different types of taxis, regular and deluxe (black-colored). In case of the former, it will cost about 75,000 Korean Won from the Incheon International Airport to BENIKEA Hotel KP including a toll (7,700 Korean Won.) If you take a deluxe taxi, it will cost 95,000 Korean Won including toll (7,700 Korean Won). However, please keep in mind that it may cost more depending on traffic conditions. For more information, please visit the Incheon International Airport Website.