Intensive Lectures for Many-body systems


Date: April - July, 2017      Place: Seoul National University

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Lecturer: Jean-Pierre Eckmann (University of Geneva)
Title 1: Martin Hairer and KPZ, The Fields Medal from a physicist's point of view
Abstract 1: I will try to explain Hairer's work which led to the Fields Medal in the context of general questions of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation of stochastic growth on 1-dimensional systems. This work has also connections to renormalization in quantum field theory, which I wil try to explain.

Title 2: Hamiltonian chains with dissipation
Abstract 2: I will explain some work I did together with Noe Cuneo and C. Eugene Wayne. In it we considered the very simple system of a chain of rotators which is coupled at one end to some dissipative. For certain initial conditions, such systems have enormous difficulty of actually losing energy. If time permits, I will also explain some results for such chains when they are stochastically driven.

Lecturer: Francois Golse (Ecole Polyetchnique)
Title: Mean-Field Limits of Large Particle Systems
Abstract: TBA

Lecturer: Peter Pickl (Institut der Universität München) 5 hours
Title: Derivation of effective equations for interacting many particle system
Abstract: The numerical and analytical treatment of systems of many interacting particles is often very difficult, if not impossible. However, in some situation one can find an effective description of the systems with much less degrees of freedom. During the lectures new techniques shall be presented which allow to prove the validity of such effective equations with mathematical rigor. Both, classical as well as quantum mechanical systems will be discussed.