KIAS-CFHEP Workshop and the 5th KIAS Workshop
on Particle Physics and Cosmology


 5th fl., Seminar Rm #1503, KIAS
Nov. 9 (Mon) – Nov. 13 (Fri), 2015
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Parallel talks
Nov 10 (Tuesday)
Session (1-1): Composite models (Room 1503, Chair: K. Tsumura)
1. Thomas Flacke, Composite scalars at the LHC: the Higgs, the Sextet and the Octet
2. Alberto Parolini, Anarchic Yukawas and top partial compositeness: the flavour of a successful marriage
3. Jeong Han Kim, Searching for Top Partners at LHC Run II
4. Bithika Jain, Holographic models with a small cosmological constant at Finite Temperature
Session (1-2): Dark matter I (Room 1114, Chair: H. M. Lee)
1. Seongjin In, Solar Dark Matter Searches for Monoenergetic Neutrinos Arising from Stopped Meson Decay
2. Chaehyun Yu, Mono-quarkonium production for dark matter search
3. Kookhyun Yoon, Analysis of WIMP direct detection data beyond standard methods
4. Yong Tang, IceCube Events from Decaying Dark Matter with Right-handed Neutrino Portal
Session (2-1): Supersymmetry (Room 1503, Chair: J. H. Song]
1. Jae-Hyeon Park, Higgs mass from (super)split supersymmetry
2. Doyoun Kim, Naturalness-guided gluing mass bound from the minimal mixed mediation of SUSY breaking
3. Yuji Omura, Lepton-flavor-violating Higgs decay and muon anomalous magnetic moment in a general two Higgs doublet model
4. Mengchao Zhang, Closing up a light stop window in natural SUSY at the LHC
5. Seyong Kim, Stoponium on a lattice
6. Toshifumi Yamada, Equal-velocity scenario for hiding top squark signals at the LHC
Session (2-2): Cosmology (Room 1114, Chair: J. Pradler)
1. Naoya Kitajima, Cosmological implication of level crossing between QCD axion and ALP
2. Yoshiyuki Tatsuta, Inflation through Yukawa couplings in magnetized extra dimensions
3. Jinsu Kim, Multifield effects of supersymmetric Higgs inflation in SU(5) GUT
4. Wan-il Park, A cosmology with the supersymmetric DFSZ axion
5. Maurice van Putten, A conserved information in free fall onto an evaporating black hole
6. Toshinori Matsui, Gravitational waves as a probe of extended scalar sectors with the first order electroweak phase transition
Nov 12 (Thursday)
Session (3-1): New physics at colliders and QCD I (Room 1503, Chair: H. Yokoya)
1. Sung Hak Lim, OPTIMASS : A Package for the Minimization of Kinematic Mass Functions with Constraints
2. Won Sang Cho, Searching for a Heavier Higgs Resonance at LHC Run-II
3. Mariko Kikuchi, Discrimination of extended Higgs sectors by future precision measurements of the Higgs boson couplings
4. Yuta Orikasa, Discriminative phenomenological features of scale invariant models for electroweak symmetry breaking
Session (3-2): Dark Matter II (Room 1114, Chair: S. C. Park)
1. Takaaki Nomura, SU(2)$_Ltimes$SU(2)$_R$ minimal dark matter with 2 TeV $W'$
2. Soo-Min Choi, SIMP dark matter with gauged symmetries
3. Kunio Kaneta, Spontaneous leptogenesis via Majoron oscillation
4. Andrew Spray, Long-Lived Colour Triplet Scalars from Unnaturalness
Session (4-1): New physics at colliders and QCD II (Room 1503, Chair: H. J. Yang)
1. Kenji Nishiwaki, Probing Leptoquark Origin of the $B to D^{(ast)} tau nu$ Anomaly at the LHC
2. Xin Chen, Search for FCNC in t->Hc, h->tautau at LHC
3. Manoj Mandal, Threshold Corrections at N^3LO in QCD for the Higgs production at LHC
4. Seungwon Baek, Lepton flavor violating Higgs decay as a probe of new physics
5. Zhaofeng Kang, Hunting for Very Light Particles in Extended Higgs Sectors: from 0 to 2
6. Dong Woo Kang, Split Higgs Portal
Session (4-2): Flavor ( Room 1114, Chair: Y. Kwon)
1. Joshua Sayre, Explaining g-2 in the Aligned 2HDM
2.  Yu Muramatsu, Flavor violating Z' from SO(10) SUSY GUT in High-Scale SUSY
3. Jusak Tandean, Lepton Flavor Violation Implications of Anomalies in Rare B-Meson Decays
4. Hugo Serodio, Violation of Lepton Universality in B-Meson Decay: A Z' opportunity
5. Xing-Bo Yuan, B to D^(*) tau nu anomaly and top FCNC processes
6. Yusuke Shimizu, Dirac and Majorana phases in S_4 model of neutrinos