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The 6th KIAS Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology is organized together with the 2nd Durham-KEK-KIPMU-KIAS Joint Workshop. There will be a number of invited review talks on the recent theoretical and experimental issues in particle phenomenology and cosmology. We also welcome contributed talks from the participants of this meeting. 

Invited Speakers

The 6th KIAS Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology 

K. Benakli (LPTHE), L. Calibbi (ITP), K. Hagiwara (KEK),
M. Hayakawa (Nagoya), E. Kuflik (LEPP, Cornell), HS Lee (IBS-CTPU),
D. Nomura (Kyoto), Yuji Omura (KMI, Nagoya), M. Passera (Padova),
D. Stoeckinger (Dresden), D. Stoeckinger-Kim (Dresden),
Muon g-2 talks for Fermilab and J-PARC

The 2nd Durham-KEK-KIPMU-KIAS Joint Workshop

Jack Kai-Feng Chen (NTU), A. Falkowski (LPT, Orsay), 
Philip C. Harris (CERN), V.V. Khoze (IPPP & Durham), 
K.C. Kong (U of Kansas & Pittsburgh U), 
H. Murayama (Kavli IPMU&UC Berkeley), S. Murgia (UC Irvine),
Natsumi Nagata (U of Tokyo), Myeonghun Park (IBS-CTPU, PTC),
S. Shirai (Kavli IPMU), T. Tait (UC Irvine), M. Takeuchi (KIPMU)

Sponsored by KIAS and also by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Area “New expansion of particle physics of post-Higgsera by LHC revealing the vacuum and space-time structure” 16H06492.