2016 CMC Distinguished Lecture by Professor Mladen Bestvina

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2016 Distinguished Lecture by Professor Mladen Bestvina


  Mladen Bestvina (University of Utah)


Date     July 4 17:00

Venue  Rm.1501, Natural Sciences B/D E6-1, KAIST


Title  On the large-scale geometry of mapping class groups

Abstract  As envisioned by Gromov, geometric group theory is the study of large-scale geometry of groups. The key idea is to study groups as metric spaces. Examples of large-scale invariants are the isoperimetric function and asymptotic dimension, and I will focus on the latter. The class of groups where this is all well understood is the class of hyperbolic groups. However, groups of interest are often not hyperbolic, but they can be sometimes understood in terms of hyperbolicity. The basic example is the mapping class group of a surface. If time permits, I will explain the main ideas in the proof, due to Bromberg, Fujiwara and myself, that mapping class groups have finite asymptotic dimension.

  Ko, Ki Hyoung

Contact     hskim@kias.re.kr  / +82 42 350 8545

VOD          http://vod.mathnet.or.kr/sub2_2.php?no=4959&key_year=x