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 Joint Winter Conference on Particle Physics, String and Cosmology



Jan. 25 - 31, 2015

High1 resort

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* Plenary talks: 30+5 or 40+5 minutes
* Parallel talks: 20+5 minutes (PA1- Particle/ Cosmology; PA2- Experiment/ Computation/ Lattice; PA3- Strings)

1/25 (Sun)


PA1-1 18:30-21:50 chaired by Sin Kyu Kang

     Sunghoon Jung    Perspectives on light stops: new limits and re-evaluation of solution

     Yu Seon Jeong      Prompt neutrino fluxes from charm production in the atmosphere

     Break (30)

     Cai-Dian Lu     Polarization study in the Bs meson decays to two vector meson final states

     Rohit Dhir     Model independent analysis of CP violation in charm meson decays

     Nigel Cundy     Confinement of Quarks through pi_1 Topological objects



1/26 (Mon)


PL1 8:30-12:00 chaired by Pyungwon Ko

     J.E. Kim (30+5)     Recent developments on the application of discrete symmetries
     Stefano Scopel (30+5)     
Germanium-phobic exothermic Dark Matter and the CDMS-II Silicon excess

     Break (30)

     Satoshi Mishima (30+5)     Model-independent constraints on new physics from EW precision and Higgs data

     Masahide Yamaguchi (30+5)     Completing Inflation with Galilean Genesis

     Cheng-Wei Chiang (30+5)     Constraints on the GM model by current LHC data


PA1-2 18:30-21:50 chaired by Masahide Yamaguchi

     Hyun Min Lee     New physics signals from X-ray lines
     Ki-Young Choi     
Power spectrum at small scales in the non-thermal Universe
     Jae-Ho Heo       
Light Dark Matter and Dark Radiation
     Break (30)

     Inyong Cho     Primordial Density Perturbations in EiBI Inflation

     Qing-Guo Huang     New constraint on the primordial gravitational waves

     Sachiko Kuroyanagi     Gravitational waves from self-ordering scalar field


Poster 18:30-21:30

     Moon-Jeong Kang 

     Dong-Hoon Lee

     Huchan Lee     Theoretical Model to explain Neutrino Mixing by Discrete Flavor Symmetry(A_4)

     Gyung-hyun Min     Electromagnetic Symmetry & Particles( E & M Monopole and Particle & Antiparticle

     Youngmin Yook     Some Belle2 Data Acquisition (DAQ) works

     Kyungho Kim     Belle II ECL software test

     Hanjin Kim     B to X_s gamma study using hadronic tagging method 

     Jeonghoon Moon     Provide a collaborative platform for application researchers based on HEP data transmission

     Sul-Ah Ahn      Research Activity  in Physics utilizing High Performance Computing: Co-authorship Network Analysis 

     Chanseok Park     Search for B^{+} to l^{+} X with Hadronic Tagging Method at Belle Experiment 
     Chanyoung    Lee Heavy Ion Simulation on Geant4
     Kyungho Kim     Belle II ECL Software Test
     Youngmin Yook    Some Belle2 Data Acquisition (DAQ) works


1/27 (Tue)

PL2 8:30-12:00 chaired by Hyun Min Lee

     Wonjong Lee (30+5)     Calculation of epsilon_K and the B-meson spectrum

     Tao Liu (30+5)     Higgs Physics at PP-Colliders-from self-coupling measurements to new resonance searches
     Break (30)

     Kenji Kadota (30+5)    Probing light species by CMB and 21cm

     Kin-ya Oda (30+5)     Higgs inflation and cosmological constant problem

     George Zoupanos (30+5)     Reduction of Couplings with Applications on FUT and the MSSM


Banquet 18:00

Grand ballroom (4F, Gangwonland Convention Hotel) 
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1/28 (Wed)

PL3 8:30-12:00 chaired by Youngjoon Kwon

     Unki Yang (30+5)     CMS

     Atsushi Takeda (30+5)     XMASS

     Break (30)

     Mikihiko Nakao (30+5)     Belle &Belle II

     Zhiyong Wang (30+5)     BES III

     Yong-hamb Kim (30+5)    AMoRE Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment


PA1-3 18:30-21:30 chaired by Cheng-Wei Chiang

     Seungwon Baek     A decaying dark matter model for 3.5 keV X-ray linen
     Myeonghun Park     
Constraining Higher dimensional operators in H to four leptons with off-shell production

     Doyoun Kim     Lepton-jet with a light pseudo-scalar in NMSSM

     Break (30)

     Jong-Chul Park     Detection of boosted dark matter

     Yong Tang     Higgs Portal Dark Matter and GeV Gamma-ray Excess

     Zhaofeng Kang     FIMP Miracle of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter by Scale Invariance

     Chengcheng Han* Probing the higgsinos at the LHC using dimuonevents

PA2-1 18:30-21:30 chaired by Unki Yang

     Kihyeon Cho     An Evolving Architecture for the Beyond Standard Model

     Hwancheol Jeong*     Code Optimization for Lattice QCD on Kepler GPU and Xeon Phi Kepler GTX

     Chanyoung Lee*     Heavy Ion Simulation on Geant4 

     Kyungwon Kim*     The Status of KIMS-Nal experiment
     Woohyun Chung    
 Axion Dark Matter Search at CAPP/IBS

PA3-1 18:30-21:30 chaired by Jeong-Hyuck Park

     Sung-Soo Kim     5d Seiberg-Witten curve through toric-like diagram

     Futoshi Yagi     Fiber-base duality and global symmetry enhancement

     Rak-Kyeong Seong     Hillbert series and moduli spaces of SUSY gauge theories

     Break (30)

     Joonho Kim     Elliptic genus of E-strings

     Jungmin Kim     Little strings and T-duality

     Chiung Hwang     Instanton counting for 5d SYMs



1/29 (Thu)


PL4 8:30-12:00 chaired by Nakwoo Kim

     Hee Cheol Kim (40+5)     Defects and Dualities

     Sangmin Lee (40+5)     An invitation to Scattering Amplitudes

     Break (30)

     Tatsuma Nishioka (40+5)     Supersymmetric Renyi Entropy

     Jeong-Hyuck Park (40+5)     Stringy Differential Geometry and Double Field Theory


PA1-4 18:30-21:30 chaired by Kenji Kadota

     Yuta Orikasa     The classically conformal B-L extended Ma model

     Kenji Nishiwaki     A Three-Loop Neutrino Model with Global U(1) Symmetry

     Soo-hyeon Nam     LHC Phenomenology of Z^prime and Z^{primeprime} bosons in the SU(4)_L x U(1)_X model

     Break (30)

     Thi Thuy Nguyen*     Leptogenesis in the 3-3-1-1 model

     Hsiang-nan Li     Direct CP asymmetries of three-body B decays

     Neelesh Sharma     Non-leptonic weak decays of Strange B Meson


PA3-2 18:30-21:30 chaired by Sangmin Lee

     Dongmin Gang         Wrapped M5-branes, Chern-Simons theory and holography

     Keun-Young Kim     Comments on holographic conductivity

     Kyung Kiu Kim     Entanglement entropy of mass deformed ABJM theory

     Break (30)

     Chanyong Park     Holographic entanglement entropy in the nonconformal medium

     Yunseok Seo     Holographic Hall system with momentum relaxation

     Miok Park     Holographic Superconductor with momentum relaxation

1/30 (Fri)

PL5 8:30-12:00 chaired by Ki Young Choi

     Christopher Miller (40+5)     Frontier Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters

     Arman Shafieloo (40+5)      Beyond the Concordance Model of Cosmology

     Break (30)

     Tomo Takahashi (40+5)     Studying the inflationary Universe with gravitational waves

     Gungwon Kang (40+5)     Gravitational wave detection experiments; Current status and Korean activities


PA1-5 18:30-21:30 chaired by Jinn-Ouk Gong

     Seokcheon Lee     Particle physics from cosmology

     Shi Pi                   Probing reheating with primordial spectrum

     Jeeseon Song      Constraining Observational systematics in Galaxy clusters

     Break (20)

     Cristiano Sabiu     Towards unbiased constraints on the expansion history from galaxy clustering

     Yi Zheng     Halo velocity bias - a first order systematic error in peculiar velocity cosmology

     Minji Oh     Cosmological Tests using Redshift Space Clustering in BOSS DR11

     Mijin Yoon    Testing the statistical isoltropy of large scale structure

PA2-2 18:30-21:30 chaired by Kihyeon Cho

     Youngjoon Kwon     Dark sector study from Belle

     Chanseok Park     Search for B^{+} to l^{+} X with Hadronic Tagging Method at Belle 

     Jung-Hyun Kim     Report on Distributed Computing and Data Handling at Belle II

     Break (30)

     Yong-Chul Jang     Testing a new lattice heavy quark action

     Sungwoo Park     Landau Gauge Fixing and Gribov Copies on the Lattice

     Jaehoon Leem    Lattice calculation of BSM Kaon Bag parameters using improved staggered quark in N_f = 2+1 QCD


PA3-2 18:30-21:30 chaired by Seok Kim

     Hyunsoo Min     Multi-faced Black Janus System

     Hyun Seok Yang     Can emergent spacetime kill the multiverse hypothesis?

     Dario Rosa     Coupling topological field theories to topological backgrounds

     Break (30)

     Mu-In Park     The Black Wormhole and Generalized Cosmic Censorship

     Kanghoon Lee     alpha’corrections of supersymmetric double field theory

     Imtak Jeon     Stringy Unification of Type IIA and IIB Supergravities under N=2 D=10 Supersymmetric Double Field Theory



1/31 (Sat)


Junior Showcase+Summary 9:00-12:00 chaired by Eung Jin Chun

Bronze:  Joonho Kim Elliptic genus of E-strings

Silver:  Yong-Chull Jang Testing a new lattice heavy quark action

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