International Workshop on "RENO-50" toward Neutrino Mass Hierarchy

13-14 June 2013, Seoul National University, Korea
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International Workshop on RENO-50
toward Neutrino Mass Hierarchy

13-14, June, 2013
Seoul National University
1. General Information
The Korea Neutrino Research Center (KNRC) will hold an international workshop on RENO-50, at Seoul National University, Seoul in Korea on June 13-14, 2013.
The recent measurement of a rather large neutrino mixing angle q13 has promoted the opportunities to determine the neutrino mass hierarchy and the leptonic CP phase. Reactor neutrinos have been demonstrated to be a valuable source to measure neutrino mixing angles, and possibly to determine the mass hierarchy. After the successful RENO experiment, we plan to build a next large liquid scintillator detector to determine the neutrino mass hierarchy and make an unprecedentedly accurate measurement of the mixing angle q12. The detector is also expected to detect neutrinos from the Sun, the Earth, and Supernova and to search for a neutrinoless double beta decay. This workshop is aimed to discuss the best strategy for determining the neutrino mass hierarchy, and the physics potentials of RENO-50.

2. Venue
Rose Hall, at 1st floor of SK Guest House belonging to Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University
(* For the map of the building location,
(** Your room is also located in the same complex, Hoam Faculty House.)

3. Program
Scientific program starts at 9:00 and ends around 18:00 during June 13-14, 2013. A workshop dinner is scheduled in the evening of June 13.
4. Registration
On-line registration can be made with no fee at
5. Accommodation
6. Travel Information
From Incheon Airport to Hoam Faculty House:
Limousine bus is the most convenient and inexpensive way to get to Hoam faculty house from Incheon International Airport. Take the airport limousine bus #6017 at Gate 6B or 13B, and get off at the final stop just in front of Hoam Faculty House. The bus departs every 30 or 40 minutes. The bus fare is 15,000 wons (KRW) for a single trip, and should be paid when you get on. (The bus route is given at the bottom.)
Information on airport limousine busses can be found at
7. Workshop Web Page
Please visit the workshop web page as follows :
8. Workshop Secretariat
Mijung Seo (KNRC, SNU)
Tel : +82 2 872 6860, +82 01 3896 3530
<Route of Bus #6017> (* You will basically travel between two terminal stations.)

<Map of Incheon Airport Teriminal>