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1. Satoshi Yamaguchi (Osaka University): Two-dimensional superconformal field theories from Riemann surfaces with a boundary

2. Masashi Hamanaka (Nagoya University): Noncommutative Instantons and Reciprocity

3. Minkyu Park (YITP): Codimension-2 Solutions in Five-Dimensional Supergravity

4. Hong Zhang (Sogang University): Classical irregular conformal block

5. Hironori Mori (Osaka University): Abelian 3d mirror symmetry on RP^2xS^1

6. Kento Watanabe (YITP): Quantum Entanglement od Excited States by Heavy Local Operators in Large-c 2d CFT at Finite Temperature

7. Takaki Matsumoto (University of Tsukuba): New construction method of matrix regularization using coherent states

8. Mitsuhiro Nishida (Osaka University): Universal Turbulence on Branes in Holography

9. Yuji Sugimoto (Osaka University): M-strings and Topological String Theory

10. Numasawa Tokiro (YITP): Entanglement Entropy in String Theory

11. Yoshiki Sato (Kyoto University): Comments on entanglement entropy in the dS/CFT correspondence

12. Joonho Kim (KIAS): Higgsing towards E-strings

13. Tomoki Nosaka (YITP): Exact partition fuction of quiver superconformal Chern-Simons theories

14. Dario Rosa (Seoul National University): New supersymmetric localizations from topological gravity

15. Futoshi Yagi (KIAS): 6d N=(1,0) CFT via 5-brane web

16. Miok Park (KIAS): A Simple Holographic Superconductor with Momentum Relaxation

17. Woohyun Rim (Seoul National University): O(d,d) Covariant Noether Currents and Global Charges in Double Field Theory

18. Sung Moon Ko (Sogang University): Dynamics of Perturbations in Double Field Theory and Non-Relativistic String Theory

19. Hyungchul Kim (POSTECH): Hilbert series for 3d N=2 theories