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Cai, W. (University of Science and Technology of China), Baryons in the Sakai-Sugimoto model in the D0-D4 background
Hu, S. (ITP, CAS), Group manifold approach to higher spin theory
Kaviraj, A. (Centre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science), Analytic results for large spin operators using conformal bootstrap
Kitamoto, H. (Seoul National University), Stochastic Dynamics of Infrared Effects in Accelerating Expanding Universe
Mandal, T. (Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India), Multiple Attractors in 4D
Mkrtchyan, K. (Seoul National University), Higher Spin Algebras in different dimensions
Park, M. (KIAS), Smarr formula for Lifshitz spacetime
Qualls, J. (National Taiwan University), Constraints on 2D CFTs and 3D Gravity
Sakatani, Y. (Seoul National University) Defect branes as Alice strings
Sun, K. (University of Science and Technology of China), On the Elliptic Genus of Three E-strings
Wang, X. (University of Science and Technology of China), Spectral Problem from Topological String and ABJM Theory
Wu, J. (Peking University), Universal relation between thermal entropy and entanglement entropy in CFT
Zhang, H. (Sogang University) Virasoro irregular conformal block and beta deformed random matrix model