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El-Showk: Solving Conformal Theories with the Bootstrap (click for pdf)
Hori: Gauged linear sigma models in two dimensions (click for note)
Huang: Soft-limits of Scattering Amplitudes and Symmetries of QFT (click for pdf 1, pdf 2, pdf 3)
Komargodski: Some Recent Advances in Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories (click for note)
Minwalla: Non Supersymmetric Dualities in Matter Chern Simons Theories (click for pdf)
Nishioka: The uses of entanglement entropy in QFT and holography (click for pdf)
Park: Matter, Dark Matter and others: new messages from the sky (click for pdf 1, pdf 2, pdf 3)
Yarom: Anomalies in thermal states; from AdS/CFT and beyond (click for pdf 1, pdf 2, pdf 3, pdf 4)