The 6th KIAS Workshop on
Cosmology and Structure Formation
Conference Hall (5th fl.), KIAS, Seoul          Nov. 3 - 7, 2014
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We are going to meet at 8:30am at the main gate of KIAS, then take a bus altogether to get to the morning program place.

We have prepared one program in the morning and two options in the afternoon for the excursion.

(M-Morning, A-Afternoon, D-Dinner)

(M) National Museum of Korea

     A museum is the most appropriate place to know the history and culture of a country. The National Museum of Korea will provide you with a comprehensive picture from simple hand axes of the Paleolithic Age to modern times of Korea. There are also special exhibitions which change in time, so there are many things to explore even to people who have been to the museum (There is no entrance fee for the general exhibition, but some of special exhibitions might charge you. In that case, it will be ~$5-10.). We plan to look around the museum freely for 2 hours and then gather to move to the next places of the afternoon programs. We will have lunch at a restaurant in the museum.

(A-1) Tour to cultural remains from the Joseon dynasty in Seoul, which includes
     * Jongmyo shrine
* Secret garden in the Changdeokgung Palace

The Jongmyo shrine and the Secret garden are UNESCO World Heritage sites. If this is your first visit to Seoul, it is worth to see them. We will take the English-guided tours each of which will take about an hour.

Notice: You should prepare comfortable shoes since it is a walking tour for a whole day. The weather will be cool, so it will be better to have a light outer garment.

(A-2) Hiking along the Seoul city wall 
     This is suggested for people who have visited palaces and the shrine. The Seoul city wall encloses the old capital of the Joseon dynasty. If you like hiking, it will be an enjoyable hiking with a wonderful panorama of Seoul. It is not firmly decided yet, but for now we plan to take the Baegak mountain trail in the north which will take about 3 hours. It can be changed according to the participants. You can download the information on the trails here.

Notice: You should prepare suitable shoes and cloths for hiking. At some interval of the Baegak mountain trail you will be asked to show your id (Since it is near the Blue house, there is some security issue.), so please be prepared with your id or passport. It is also a good idea to bring some water and snacks. There is no store at all through the Baegak mountain trail.

(D) Dinner
     After the afternoon programs, we will gather at Insa-dong street to have dinner. The street is easily accessible from the end points of both the afternoon programs, and have dinner there.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that the fee needed for the excursion is not covered by KIAS.
So please prepare for at least either 50000won(palace) or 40000won(hiking) depending on your choice.
The transportation will be prepared by KIAS. We are going to rent a bus to move from KIAS to the National Museum, and from the National Museum to the places of the afternoon programs.