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1. Quantifying the ion atmosphere of unfolded, random-coil nucleic acids - David Jacobson

2. Electrostatic effects on hyaluronic acid elastic behavior - John Berezney

3. Effects of Counterion Condensation on the Electrophoresis of DNA -  Pyeong Jun Park

4. Destabilizationof i-motif by Sub-molar Concentrations of a Monovalent Cation - SungEun Kim

5. The effect of cisplatin on nucleosomal DNA - Hyeon-Min Moon

6. Sequence-specific DNA looping by mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) - Divakaran Murugesapillai

7. Elastic correlations in di-nucleosome structure - Fatemeh Khodabandeh

8. Tension-induced Binding of Semiflexible Biopolymers - Panayotis Benetatos

9. Cantilevered PEDOT Fibers for Sub-Celluar Force Measurement - Govind Paneru

10. Polyelectrolyte Brushes in Multivalent Salt Solutions: Bridging Effects - Blair Kathryn Brettmann

11. Study on the folding of a group II intron ribozyme – The effects of crowding agents and mutations - Erica Fiorini

12. Analyzing dynamic heterogeneity in single molecule experiment - Wonseok Hwang

13. Simulation of FRET Dyes with Native Structure-based Models - Ines Reinartz

14. Mechanical control of folding pathway of DNA origami structures - Kipom Kim

15. Velocity distribution of Kinesin is bimodal under load - Huong Vu

16. Following the steps of dynein: Explaining dynein’s step size distribution using analytical models - Yonathan Goldtzvik

17. Unfolding Mechanism of Myosin VI Proximal Tail - Mauro L. Mugnai

18. LINE1 retrotransposition in human cells requires rapid ORF1p oligomerization - M. Nabuan Naufer

19. Implementing a Model Force Field for tRNA Translocation through a Nanopore - Prasad Bandarkar

20. Structure and dynamics of intrinsically disordered linkers in multidomain proteins - Sebastian L. B. König

21. Understanding structural mechanism of β2-adrenergic receptor with water dynamics - Songmi Kim

22. New Materials For Gene Delivery In Difficult-To-Transfect Cell Lines  - Spencer Brucks

23. Study on determining the average size and structures of nanoparticles - Sujan Dhungana

24. Biosorption of zinc (II) metal onto raw and modified coconut husks and tea waste - Surendra K. Gautam

25. Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline zinc selenide - Dipak Koirala

26. Dynamics of Water Molecules Binding to Magnesium or Sodium Ions  - Yuno Lee

27. Curvature Asymmetry in Water Coalescence - Su Jin Lim

28. Self-propelled motion of reactive droplets - In Gyu Hwang

29. Slowly drying of dense coffee droplets - Jin Young Kim

30. Measuring mechanical properties of live cells and artificial lipid vesicles reinforced by ECM network - Serin Lee

31. Formation of ECM-binding liposome; ECM Cellular Delivery - Sojeong Nam

32. Gelation-induced crack prevention in colloidal films - Seul-a Ryu

33. Revisiting the fundamental origin of aromatic interaction - Hankyul Lee

34. Recapitulation of Cell Surface Glycan Presentations using Multivalent Glycomaterials for Study of Influenza A Virus Specificity - Chris Fisher

35. Single molecule Raman scattering spectroscopy under high pressure - Yuanxi Fu

36. Microrheology of semi-dilute aqueous solutions of polyethylene oxide probed by an optically trapped micro-bead - Chong Shen