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85 Hoegiro (Cheongnyangni-dong 207-43)
Seoul 130-722
Republic of Korea

TEL : +82 2 958 3711
FAX : +82 2 958 3770

Seoul City's subway system is one of the most convenient and fastest way to get around the city. It currently consists of 18 lines connecting various parts of the city operated by three separate organizations: the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation, the Korean National Railroad, and the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation. The color-coded subway lines make the Seoul Metro quite easy to use. The subway operation hours are from 5:30 to approximately 24:00. The estimated travel time between subway stations is 2~3 minutes. Train schedules can vary depending on the line in question.
All directional signs in the Seoul Subway are written in both Korean and English. Station signs and some maps also display Hanja. The pre-recorded voice announcement in the trains indicating the upcoming station, possible line transfer and exiting side are all in Korean followed by English, and in some cases Japanese then Chinese.

Map of Subway
Closest KIAS Metro Stations:
Line 1: Hoegi Subway Station, Exit 1
Line 1: Cheongnyangni Subway Station: Exit 2
Line 6: Korea University, Subway Station, Exit 3
*Take a taxi from the subway station to your hotel.

     From Hoegi station
Bus: Please go out through exit No. 1 and go straight until you arrive at an intersection. Cross the road to the right at first and then to the straight line. Cross the road and turn right. Walk straight until you see a bus stop. Take No.273 and get off at 'KAIST Campus/Hong-neung Elementary School' bus stop.
Taxi: Please go out through exit No.1 and take a taxi. It will cost about 4000 Korean Won.
     From Cheongnyangri station
Bus: Please go out through exit No. 2 and go straight, turn right at the corner and then go straight until you see a bus stop.
Take No.201 and get off at 'Hong-neung Elementary School' bus stop. Please cross the road to reach KIAS which is in the KAIST campus.
Taxi: Please go out through exit No.2 and a get taxi. It will cost about 4500 Korean Won.
The current single-use ticket is a credit-card sized plastic card with the same RFID technology, which are obtained from automated machines in every subway station. A 500 won deposit fee is included in the price, and is refunded when the ticket is returned at any station.

There are several ways to get to KIAS from Incheon International Airport. You may
purchase Limousine or Premium Bus tickets or obtain information at the Transportation Information Counter located near the exits 2, 4, 9 and 13 on the passenger terminal arrival floor.

Arriving from Incheon International airport

Limousine Bus
Bus No. 6002: The convenient bus to KIAS is one bound for Cheongnyangni of which number is "6002" and the bus stop at the airport is No."5B" and "12A". The fare is 10,000 Korean Won and the bus departs every 15~20 minutes. The first bus at the airport departs at 05:30 and the last bus departs at 23:30. You can get off at 'Cheongnyangni Station' bus stop, which will take about one and a half hours.
Bus No. 6101: Take Limousine Bus No.6101 'Dobong (Seongdong)' route at the bus stop 3B, 10A (Bus fare is 15,000 won). Get off at 'Korea Univ. Station' bus stop and then take a taxi. To KIAS, it will cost less than 4000Korean Won.
Airport Train
Airport train is available from the airport to Seoul Station. This service will cost you about 4000Korean Won, and total estimated time to KIAS is about an hour. You should get off at the Seoul Station, which is the last stop. Then, from Seoul Station to KIAS, you can take a Subway or you can use a taxi service, which will cost you about 15,000 Korean Won.

If you have heavy luggage, we suggest that you take a taxi. There are two different types of taxis. One is regular taxi and the other is deluxe taxi (black-colored). In case of the former, it will cost about 75,000 Korean Won from the Incheon International Airport to KIAS including a toll (7,700 Korean Won). In case of deluxe taxi, it will cost 95,000 Korean Won including toll (7,700 Korean Won). However, please keep in mind that it may cost more depending on traffic condition.

* You may show the taxi driver this card and map to assist you in getting to KIAS.