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August 6, Morning Session (Lecture Room 301)
Keiji Oguiso
Title: The automorphism group of the Hilbert scheme of length two of a Cayley's K3 surface
Yongnam Lee
Title: Q-Gorenstein deformation theory and its applications

August 6, Afternoon Parallel Session Ⅰ (Lecture Room 301)
Ziv Ran
Title: Deformations of Complex Poisson manifolds and their Lagrangian Submanifolds

August 6, Afternoon Parallel Session Ⅱ (Lecture Room 101)
Dongsoo Shin
Title: Weighted homogeneous surface singularities with rational homology disk smoothings
Donghoon Hyeon
Title: Generic state polytopes and stability
Junmyeong Jang
Title: A lifting of an automorphism of a K3 surface over odd characteristic

August 7, Morning Session (Lecture Room 301)
Shigeyuki Kondo
Title: Igusa quartic and Borcherds products

August 7, Afternoon Session (Lecture Room 301)
Gavril Farkas
Title: What is the principally polarized abelian variety of dimension six?
Brendan Hassett
Title: Families of fibrations of del Pezzo surfaces

August 8, Morning Session (Lecture Room 301)
Paolo Cascini
Title: Toroidal modifications.

August 8, Afternoon Session (Lecture Room 301)

August 9, Morning Session (Lecture Room 301)
De-Qi Zhang
Title: n-dimensional projective varieties with the action of a free abelian group of rank n-1.

August 9, Afternoon Parallel Session Ⅰ (Lecture Room 301)
Montserrat Teixidor
Title: Limit linear series on chains of elliptic curves and tropical curves
Diane Maclagan
Title: Tropical schemes

August 9, Afternoon Parallel Session Ⅱ (Lecture Room 101)
Kangjin Han 
Title: Syzygy bound on the first strand of ND(k) variety and ACM linear resolutions

August 10, Morning Session (Lecture Room 301)
Mark Gross 
Title: Degeneration formulas in logarithmic Gromov-Witten theory